PowerUp - Women Christian Leadership

PowerUp - Women Christian Leadership

Lets PowerUp!

Welcome to the "PowerUp" Women's Christian Leadership Conferences, brought to you by the Infinite Network. We are dedicated to equipping and empowering women to rise as strong, confident, and visionary leaders in their communities, workplaces, and ministries.

About "PowerUp" Women's Christian Leadership Conferences:
Our "PowerUp" conferences are designed to ignite a spark within every woman, awakening her leadership potential and guiding her towards making a lasting impact. Through dynamic sessions, engaging workshops, and insightful discussions, we delve into the core principles of Christian leadership while addressing the unique challenges and opportunities that women leaders encounter.

Key Highlights:

Inspiring Keynote Speakers: Be inspired by renowned women leaders who have broken barriers and achieved remarkable success. Their stories and insights will motivate you to embrace your own leadership journey.

Biblical Foundation: Explore leadership principles rooted in the teachings of the Bible. Discover how faith and leadership intertwine to create a powerful force for positive change.

Strategic Workshops: Participate in hands-on workshops designed to enhance your leadership skills. Topics include communication, decision-making, time management, and fostering a supportive team environment.

Networking and Mentorship: Connect with like-minded women from diverse backgrounds, forming valuable relationships that extend beyond the conference. Engage in mentorship opportunities that offer guidance and support.

Empowerment for Ministry: Whether you lead in a church, organization, or your family, our conferences provide practical tools for effective leadership in any context.

Personal Growth: "PowerUp" isn't just about leadership skills – it's about personal growth. Discover how embracing leadership transforms not only your external impact but also your internal strength.

Worship and Reflection: Immerse yourself in worship sessions that rejuvenate your spirit and provide moments of reflection and connection with God.

Why Attend "PowerUp" Women's Christian Leadership Conferences:
- Unlock Your Potential: Receive expert guidance and practical strategies to amplify your leadership abilities.
- Connect and Collaborate: Build a network of women leaders who share your vision and passion.
- Embrace Your Identity: Explore how your faith intersects with your leadership role and shapes your unique voice.

Join us at the "PowerUp" Women's Christian Leadership Conferences as we empower you to lead with purpose, passion, and unwavering faith. Together, we'll amplify our influence, inspire change, and leave a legacy that truly makes a difference.

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Empowering Women..

A special program empowering Women in Christian Leadership. Complementarianism is the idea held in some faiths that men and women play different, complementary roles in life, society, and – particularly – religious practice. Rather than regarding women as essentially inferior or incapable of leading, women are regarded as “equal”. This view is a way of interpreting patriarchal religious doctrines and reconciling their authority with modern sensibilities. Within Christianity, some texts in the New Testament have been cited to deny women the right to be priests and pastors for much of its history. Such verses like 1 Timothy 2:12, and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 were quoted by St. Paul based on the situations of that church's times. Despite the texts cited above, the Biblical case for the subordination of women in churches is far from clear. St Paul in Romans 16 makes a point of greeting Phoebe as a “deacon of the church” (a rank of minister), as well as Junia, who he regarded as “prominent among the apostles.” In Acts 18:26, Priscilla is acknowledged as a teacher, along with her husband Aquila, and the four daughters of Philip in Acts 21:9, far from being silent, exercised the gift of prophecy or inspired speech. Finally, Tabita Dorcas was key in establishing the Tyatira Church. Sajeeva Vahini supports an alternative position known as “egalitarianism”. Those who hold to the egalitarian position regard women and men as fully equal, and believe there should be no gender-based restrictions upon which roles women can exercise in families, societies, or churches. These programs are conducted both Live on Zoom and Youtube Channels. Also Physical programs like Women's Conferences across India.

Women Christian Leadership Conference
Hyderabad 2023

Welcome to the Women Christian Leadership Conference organized by "PowerUp - Sajeeva Vahini." This conference is a significant gathering that aims to empower and inspire women in Christian leadership roles and those aspiring to take on leadership positions within their faith communities. The theme of this event, "Finding the Me Inside," reflects the central idea of self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual empowerment.

Admission to the conference is with 50/- of registration fee, and we enthusiastically welcome all women to join us. For further details, please reach out to us at 88983 18318.

Women Christian Leadership Conference

Women Conference


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సహనమే నీ ఆయుధం అయితే?

Special Series for Women

Sahaname Nee Ayudham Ayithe

Exclusive Song by YS Vimala Reddy Garu
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