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At Sajeeva Vahini - Infinite Network - Literature Ministry, our passion is to illuminate hearts and minds with the divine wisdom of the Scriptures. Through innovative digital platforms, we have embarked on a transformative journey to make the teachings of the Bible accessible to all, fostering spiritual growth and understanding. Our commitment extends beyond languages and borders, as we strive to bring the light of the Word to people across the globe.

About the Mission

Sajeeva Vahini is an organization founded by Dr. G. Praveen Kumar MCA, MDiv. Ph.D(BS), D.Min, who is a committed Christian an Evangelist, and a worker for God also an IT Professional working for a Reputed International Organization.

Sajeeva Vahini is an organization that was founded in 2009 with the mission of making the Digital Version of Telugu Bible available to all Telugu speaking people. Sajeeva Vahini has been instrumental in launching the first digital Telugu Bible making it accessible to millions of people across the Internet, technology, and mobile platforms. Sajeeva Vahini has a long-standing commitment to providing the Word of God in multiple languages and formats making it widely accessible to people. The organization has published over 5000+ spiritual inspirational and motivational content in Telugu, English, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada. Sajeeva Vahini has also launched various digital initiatives including an app for the Telugu Bible, and an online Bible study platform through digital media. In addition to Bible translation and distribution Sajeeva Vahini also engages in a variety of Christian ministry activities across India. The organization has a network of organizations, churches, schools, and hospitals as well as Bible colleges. Sajeeva Vahini also runs various programs to reach out to people in need such as providing food clothing and medical care. Sajeeva Vahini mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people in India and to equip them with the Word of God in their own language. The organization is committed to making the Resources for Telugu, Tamil, Hindi Bible available to everyone across the world regardless of language culture or social status.

Telugu Bible Project:
He started this mission to launch the first Online Telugu Bible with a great effort of 5yrs through the website on May 1st, 2009 with many other features like Printed Magazine, Lyrics Online, Literature Content, Digital, and Social Media Content that can help the community to grow the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The handwork of William Cary of Serampore, Calcutta & the work of The Bible Society of India has inspired him to start this mission for the Telugu community across the world and his only mission is to take the bible to the unreached corners of the world through digital platforms, websites, mobile apps, and social media.

Telugu Audio Bible Project:
Sajeeva Vahini has completed successfully converting the Audio version of the entire Holy Bible into the Telugu Language for both the Old and New Testaments. These audio formats are placed on each chapter level of the Telugu bible both on the website and mobile apps. Listeners can listen to them either online or offline by downloading them for free. Audio versions are made available on multiple social media platforms like Podcasts, Amazon, Amazon Audible, Amazon Music Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Hadassah Mobile App, 24 Hrs Audio Bible Radio Channels, and many more.

English Lo Telugu Bible Project:
Sajeeva Vahini's first mission was also the World's first initiative to prepare the Telugu Version of the Bible in Roman Script as the "English Lo Telugu Bible". We proudly declare that Sajeeva Vahini took initiative to complete this important mission for the Telugu-speaking community to complete this project which was made available in 2018. This version of the Bible can help the new generations to read the Telugu bible through English script. The entire Holy Bible of Telugu including the New and Old Testaments is made available in this version which is freely made available through the website and also through Sajeeva Vahini mobile Apps. These apps are also made for offline reading purposes both on mobile and tablets of Android and Apple IOS platforms. Sajeeva Vahini declares no copyright in using the content for any educational purposes.

Holy Bible Mobile App Project:
Sajeeva Vahini team developed the most important features to search anywhere in the bible with additional features like Cross Reference, Telugu Bible Dictionary, and Telugu Bible Commentary with many English, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam Parallel Bibles. The content helps biblical students, teachers, and also those who are interested to know more and a deep study of the word of God. Mobile Apps are made available both on Android and Apple IOS Platforms. Along with Language bibles we have included a few other English Bibles like NIV, KJV, and ESV versions for Parallel Study. Especially Telugu Bible Mobile apps include Audio Bible in Telugu Version which is made available.

Hadassah Mobile App Project:
Sajeeva Vahini has designed an exclusive mobile app for the communities to provide music and videos that can encourage, educate, motivate, and inspire. There is a wide range of 20000+ content made available such as music, sermons, movies, and podcasts both audio and video formats. More details are available at

Telugu Bible Commentary and Study Bibles Project:
Sajeeva Vahini's Mission is to provide a better understanding and interpretation of the word of God. We have prepared a verse-by-verse concise explanation with detailed commentary for all the books and chapters of the Telugu Bible. This project was completed and made digitally available to everyone in 2017. Anyone can freely access the content through the Sajeeva Vahini official website ( There are more projects currently Sajeeva Vahini is working on to prepare detailed explanations for the verses and chapters of the Telugu Bible.

Daily Inspirations Project:
The Sajeeva Vahini team is committed to providing daily inspiration in multiple languages like Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and English. These daily inspirations are అనుదిన వాహిని (Anudina Vahini) in Telugu Language, दैनिक प्रेरणा (Dainik Prerana) in Hindi Language, ಆತ್ಮಿಕ ಜಾಗೃತಿ (Aatmika Jagruthi) in Kannada Language, Connecting With God in English Language. These daily devotions are made available on Youtube Channels, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Subscriptions, Telegram, Podcasts, Internet Radio Channels, Live Streams, Amazon, Amazon Audible, Amazon Music Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Hadassah Mobile App and many more social media applications both on mobile and websites. Each Daily Inspiration has been taken from a verse of the Holy Bible across the Old and New Testaments, that can inspire and motivate on daily basis for growth in Spiritual Life.

Prayer 24x7 Program:
Sajeeva Vahini has a 24x7 team to pray and help those who are in need and broken-hearted. Our Prayer warriors are committed to helping you and lifting you through prayer sessions. Sajeeva Vahini also conducts a Prayer Fellowship Session every Wednesday at 7 pm Live to encourage prayer and growth for Spiritual and Personal Lives. Many Prayer needs and requests are sent daily from people across the globe to the official WhatsApp and Facebook of sajeeva vahini. The team is currently helping communities of Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and English Language speaking people.

Digital Library Project:
Sajeeva Vahini's latest project launched in 2023 to provide educational, inspirational, motivational spiritual content in PDF or document formats through the official channel available here A wide range of books and content is made available on this channel. The content contains Telugu, English, Hindi, Hebrew, Greek, and many more languages. The content is provided for free use.

Telugu Bible Online
Telugu Bible (OV) Original Version Online - Sajeeva Vahini

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Telugu Bible through our intuitive and user-friendly website. Navigate through chapters, verses, and books with ease, all in the convenient Original Version of Telugu Script online. Engaging with the scriptures has never been more accessible.

Revolutionizing Access: The First Telugu Bible in Digital Format

We take immense pride in our pioneering achievement - the development of the very first Telugu Bible in digital format. By harnessing the power of web and mobile platforms, we have opened new avenues for individuals to immerse themselves in the sacred text, exploring its depths and unlocking its profound teachings.

Empowering Exploration: Unveiling the Beauty of Scripture

Our services go beyond mere text. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools to enrich your understanding of the Bible:

Telugu Bible Commentary: Delve deeper into the Word with insightful commentaries that provide context, historical background, and verse-by-verse explanations.
Verse by Verse Explanation: Unravel the layers of meaning behind each verse, gaining a nuanced understanding of the timeless truths contained within.
Bible Study Tools: Equip yourself with an array of study resources, including cross-references, concordances, and tools for in-depth analysis.
Telugu Bible Dictionary: Enhance your vocabulary and comprehension with a comprehensive Telugu Bible dictionary that elucidates key terms and concepts.
Parallel Bibles: Compare different translations side by side, gaining fresh insights and perspectives on the sacred text.
Bible Search: Seamlessly navigate the Scriptures with powerful search functionality, making it easier than ever to find specific passages and verses.

Radiating Spiritual Enlightenment: Daily Devotions in Multiple Languages

Our devotion to nurturing spiritual growth extends to daily life. Through our devotionals, we cater to diverse language communities:

"Anudina Vahini - అనుదిన వాహిని" for Telugu-speaking individuals.
"Dainik Preranana -  दैनिक प्रेरणा" for the Hindi-speaking community.
"Aatmika Jagruthi - ಆತ್ಮಿಕ ಜಾಗೃತಿ" for Kannada speakers.
"Connecting with God" for English content followers.
"Life Little Lessons" specially crafted for the younger generation.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: A Multifaceted Approach

Our content is readily available through various platforms:

Website: Explore a wealth of spiritual insights, study resources, and devotionals on our user-friendly website.
Social Media Handles: Connect with us on social media for bite-sized inspiration and thought-provoking content.
Podcasts: Tune into our enriching podcasts to receive spiritual nourishment on the go.
Online Radio Channels: Immerse yourself in a continuous stream of divine teachings through our online radio channels.
Mobile Apps: Download our apps to carry the Scriptures and spiritual guidance with you wherever you are.
For All, By All: A Global Community of Sharing

Our dedicated team of members collaborates to create and curate content that resonates with hearts across the world. And the best part? All of this is available for free, ensuring that the transformative power of the Word reaches anyone seeking solace, guidance, and growth.

Join us on this sacred journey of illumination and inspiration. Experience the beauty of Scripture and the joy of spiritual enlightenment. Sajeeva Vahini - Infinite Network Literature Ministry is here to guide you, wherever you are, on the path of divine wisdom.

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Biblical Digital Library

1000+ Biblical and Spiritual Books online

Discover the Groundbreaking
World's First "English Lo Telugu Bible" by Sajeeva Vahini

Bridging Language Barriers for Spiritual Enrichment

Welcome to the realm of innovation and accessibility brought to you by Sajeeva Vahini - Infinite Network. We are proud to introduce the world's first "English Lo Telugu Bible," a groundbreaking creation designed to make the treasures of the Telugu Bible accessible to a wider audience. This unique Bible edition presents the Telugu text in English roman script, enabling those who cannot read the Telugu script to delve into the richness of the Word.

A Revelation in Accessibility: Unveiling the "English Lo Telugu Bible"

In our commitment to fostering spiritual growth and understanding, we recognized the need to break down language barriers. The "English Lo Telugu Bible" is a result of this vision - a testament to our dedication to inclusivity and accessibility.

Key Features of the "English Lo Telugu Bible":

1. Telugu Text in English Roman Script: Experience the beauty of the Telugu Bible in a format that is easily readable for those familiar with the English script. Dive into the sacred words and teachings of the Bible without hindrance.

2. Inclusivity at Its Core: Our "English Lo Telugu Bible" is a testament to our belief that spiritual wisdom should be accessible to all, regardless of language proficiency. It opens doors to individuals who may have been previously unable to engage with the Telugu scriptures.

3. Retaining the Essence: While presented in an English-friendly format, the "English Lo Telugu Bible" maintains the authenticity and integrity of the Telugu text, ensuring that the profound teachings remain unchanged.

Experience the "English Lo Telugu Bible" and Elevate Your Spiritual Journey

The "English Lo Telugu Bible" is a gateway to a deeper spiritual connection and understanding. Whether you're new to the Telugu language or seeking an alternative way to engage with the scriptures, this unique edition is designed with you in mind.

How to Access the "English Lo Telugu Bible":

- Website: Explore the "English Lo Telugu Bible" on our user-friendly website, where you can easily navigate and immerse yourself in the Word.
- Digital Formats: Download the "English Lo Telugu Bible" in digital formats compatible with various devices, ensuring you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Join us in Embracing Diversity and Unity Through the "English Lo Telugu Bible"

Sajeeva Vahini - Infinite Network is honored to present this groundbreaking creation as part of our ongoing mission to make spiritual wisdom accessible to all. The "English Lo Telugu Bible" embodies our commitment to breaking down barriers and nurturing spiritual growth.

Embrace the power of unity in diversity and embark on a transformative journey through the "English Lo Telugu Bible." Experience the scriptures like never before and discover the profound insights they hold.

Disclaimer: The "English Lo Telugu Bible" is intended to provide accessibility to those who are unfamiliar with the Telugu script. It is important to note that the translation process may introduce nuances, and individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding are encouraged to explore the original Telugu scriptures with the assistance of knowledgeable guides.

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