Church near Madhapur, Jubilee Hills and Durgam Cheruvu Area.
Near Madhapur Metro, 38, Jubilee Hills, CBI Colony, Hyderabad
Join us this Sunday 6pm for an uplifting and soul-enriching experience at Infinite Worship Center!
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Infinite God : Reflecting on Revelation 1:8 (NIV) - "I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty."

In this declaration, God reveals Himself as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. These words encompass the entirety of existence, symbolizing God's eternal nature. The God of Infinity, as portrayed here, exists beyond the constraints of time and space, holding the past, present, and future in His sovereign hands.

The phrase "who is, and who was, and who is to come" further emphasizes the timeless essence of God. It encapsulates His omnipresence, indicating that God is not bound by the limitations of a particular moment or era. He is continually present, active, and engaged in every aspect of creation, from the dawn of time to its ultimate fulfillment.


At the heart of our church lies a firm foundation - Jesus, the Living Stone, and the Word. Just as 1 Peter 2:4-7 reveals, we are built upon this cornerstone, forming a strong and unshakable community. Every Sunday, we gather in worship, immersed in His presence, guided by His Word. Communion binds us, a reminder of His sacrifice, and fellowship strengthens our unity. Together, we uphold these sacred traditions, forging deeper connections with one another and our Savior. Join us as we celebrate faith, love, and purpose, grounded in the unchanging truth of Christ.


Every Sunday at 6:00 pm

In our church, we celebrate the Infinite God through vibrant worship, dedicated service, and unwavering devotion. We draw inspiration from the Chosen People, recognizing our unique role in God's divine plan. Just as the stone laid in Zion is unmovable, so too is our commitment to spreading the message of salvation and hope through Praise and Worship.


In the heart of our congregation lies an unshakable truth — that our church stands firmly upon the foundation of the Word of God. Just as it is written in 1 Peter 2:4-7, we embrace the imagery of the Living Stone and the Chosen People to define the essence of our faith community.


In the quiet reverence of our church, a sacred tradition unfolds — the partaking of communion, a ritual deeply rooted in the teachings of the Apostle Paul, as found in 1 Corinthians 11:23-24. This practice, observed with humility and gratitude, connects us to the heart of Christ and the profound sacrifice He made for humanity.


Just as every stone in a grand cathedral is meticulously placed, each member of our church is an essential part of the spiritual edifice we are constructing together. We are a community chosen by God, called to be living stones interlocking in unity and purpose. Through our collective faith, we become a spiritual house — a sanctuary of worship, love, and service.

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Infinite Worship Center, 38 Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

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At Infinite Network, we envision a world transformed by empowered individuals who radiate faith, hope, and love. Join us on this transformative journey of equipping, encouraging, and evangelizing. Together, we can create an infinite ripple of positive impact.

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